Like A Girl

Seriously, since when did being a girl become a bad thing? From a few perspectives it appears that we are weak. We are even as biologically strong as men, we carry around and give birth to a baby after nine months! That’s pretty crazy. We have endurance, we have strength, we have skill, intelligence, and young girls should be taught that just because they aren’t as strong as a boy or big, they can still do everything a boy can and they can do it just as good.

The Seven Samurai Scenes

I recently watched The Seven Samurai for the second time and the second time around I was able to think deeper about certain scenes than I had before. So, seven of the best scenes are talked about below:

1. When Manzo cuts off Shino’s hair-


I can understand the protection a man can feel over his daughter and Manzo proved it with his actions by cutting off his daughter’s hair. Socially, long hair is a sign of feminism and by cutting it off he took that away from her. He did it in order to “protect” her but he actuaally hurt her emotionally and it showed he didn’t trust the samurai…the men that were going to help him and the other farmers.

2.  When Kikushiryo sounds the alarm



When the samurai first arrive at the farmer’s village, the farmers ignore them and hide. They don’t trust the samurai and don’t want to welcome them in. Kikushiryo gets angry at this and sounds the “bandit alarm” and once all of the farmers are startled, only then do they beg the samurai to help them and show them open arms. I really liked this scene because he gave the farmers a reality check and showed them that they needed the samurai.

3. When Kambei shaves his head



During this scene, I didn’t really realize what the big deal was with Kambei cutting his hair off but then I soon seen that the other samurai all had a ponytail and then I realized he was going against his social beliefs to save a child’s life. He was to dress as a farmer and trick the man who had kidnapped a child. It worked and I think this proved that Kambei was a respectable samurai. He sacrificed something important to help another person.

4. When Katushiro gives them money


I thought this was a very compassionate scene. Katushiro is a young man and he isn’t a skill samurai yet. He feels pity for the farmers who don’t have enough rice and he gives them money to go buy some. The farmer’s were speechless because they couldn’t fathom a samurai would help them like that and they were just so greatful they could only look at him with joy.

5. Kikuchiryo realizes his parents died the same way the child’s did


Throughout the movie the audience learns that Kikuchiryo was born to farmers and he is able to feel and relate to what the farmers are going through because his family has been in that situation. Towards the end we see that Kikuchiryo’s parents died from the hands of bandits and he, like the boy in his arms, were left as orphans and went through hard times as a farmer’s child.

6. When Rikichi sees his wife


Rikichi has been holding something back from the samurai and he gets mad every time they mention him finding a wife. When Rikichi and some of the samurai go to invade the bandit’s camp, he finds his wife and she, out of shame, runs back into the burning shack. She had been taken by the bandits and abused. Rikichi, I’m sure, cared about her and loved her and he wouldn’t have judged her from what had happened.

7. When Kambei says they haven’t won but the farmers have



In the end, the samurai helped the farmers as a good deed. They lost more than the farmers had in the battle and the farmers came out victorious. The samurai lost their close friends and skilled fighters. Deep down they know they did the right thing but still can’t help but find it evident that they got nothing in return.



Rocky’s Road…To Redemption

A father figure is what every person needs in their life, even if a man is not really a father to someone, they can substitute or be like one. In the movie Rocky, Mickey(his trainer), in my opinion serves as the father figure to Rocky Balboa. Rocky had always wanted to be a talented boxer, he had went to Mickey’s for boxing training for six years and had always had a locker there. Which was significant because it meant he was good at his craft and that he was an asset to Mickey. When he was “evicted” from the locker, I think Rocky was at “rock” bottom, he knew then and there he wasn’t even accomplishing his one and only goal, to become a professional boxer. Luck strikes and Rocky is called up to fight the heavy weight world champion Apollo Creed. He doesn’t think he has a chance but he trains and puts in the time. Mickey hears of this and goes over to Rocky’s apartament. He tells him he wants to help him and that he basically won’t make it without a manager. Rocky blows up and basically tells him “Now you want me when I’m on the top, when I’ve gotten a chance, but you didn’t want me when I was on the bottom and you wouldn’t give me one.” Mickey realizes he did screw up and he should have treated Rocky better. As, he’s walking out, Rocky is screaming about his hardships and how he’s tried. After that moment, Rocky realizes he needs Mickey’s help. Mickey can be that father figure or that mentor that he needs to succeed. Someone who can encourage him and show him the ropes. A father can help a child mature into the person the child wants to be, much like Mickey helping Rocky mature into the boxer he was meant to be. Redeeming himself and proving to Mickey he’s got what it takes.

Originally, I was going to write about the scene where Rocky reaches the top of the stairs after he’s been training so diligently. It seemed a little too cliche for me and I wanted to find a scene where I can dig deeper on the matter. But to conclude on one of the biggest sensations for Rocky, he realized he could do it here, he could make it. He had fufilled his yearning to put his talent into use.(rocky’s road…pun intended)


Amy Poehler

My favorite genre of movies are comedies. If I had to have a good top five of comedians that I love. They would be Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler, Adam Sandler, Steve Carell, and the Wayans brothers. For now, I want to talk about Amy. She is so funny and I love her in any show or movie she performs in. She is a really talented actress in my opinion. She is at her best in Saturday Night Live. Here are a few video clips and pictures.


One of the best things about her is that she can adapt to so many roles but I love how she plays “dumb” in a lot of them. Also, a few more movies that she acted pretty well in are:
Baby Mama(with Tina Fey)

Blades Of Glory

Parks and Recreation

I hope she continues to stay up there with her comedy because she’s really comedic and hopefully she will star in some more movies.


Wait and Hope

“…the sum of all human wisdom will be contained in these two words: Wait and Hope.”


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Note Cards for Kids

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I recently went on my second trip to an elementary school and I handed out cards to students in grades second and third. They really enjoyed receiving them and it made me feel good to give them something that made the school day and little more fun or give them some sort of excitement. I wrote all kinds of inspirational things in them. I took a lot of Dr.Seuss quotes because they rhyme and most of the kids are familiar with them. At first, I thought I wasn’t going to be able to pull this off. I didn’t even know where to start. I was thinking “Okay I have to make more than 150 cards. What do I write? What do I draw? When am I going to be available?” Honestly, the best way to tackle it was to take it each step at a time. First, I made the cards. I looked up “inspirational quotes for kids” and went from there. Then I called the principal of the school and asked if it was okay if I came and handed them out. This was a test run so I only made thirty and it went great. The kids enjoyed it. Next, I had a bigger project. I had to  make 180. This wasn’t going to be HARD, just time consuming. My partner and I lost communication so I was going to make them by myself, which was fine because I have a sister who was willing to help me thankfully. So, finally I finish all of them and go for a second time to hand them out and it was a success. I didn’t run into any major problems throughout this experience, except not being able to take pictures of the student’s faces. It was just scheduling my time that was the biggest worry. I really enjoyed it and I wouldn’t mind continuing this whole event, when I have some free time. It’s something I can definitely reflect on because this is pretty much my first time of “community service” if you will.

A Pirate and A Sailor


In the movie The Pirates of The Carribean there is a pirate named Captain Jack Sparrow and throughout all of the movies he is known as a witty and quick thinking pirate who escapes death and  dangerous situations through improvisations. In the last movie On Stranger Tides a character is talking about him and asks, “Do you think he plans it all out, or just makes it up as he goes along?” He has crazy plans and executes them in a short amount of time and seems to always have a game plan and he reminds me of the character Edmond Dantes in the book The Count of Monte Cristo.



Edmond Dantes, who soon changes his identity to the Count of Monte Cristo after escaping prison from false accusations. He plans to seek vengeance on those who put him in prison and it seems that throughout the whole book he knows EXACTLY what to do and he has planned everything so accordingly. They really do remind me of each other. Not necessarily the personality but the whole mystery about how their minds work and how they both seem like the type of character who defies death and punishment.



Justin Bieber Deportation

So, there has been a lot of talk about Justin Bieber….Almost everywhere! It’s getting a little annoying. Deport him already haha. In my opinion, it’s not justly that he stays in the U.S. while 10 percent of people deported ARE United States citizens. He is in fact a U.S. citizen but has faced very minor penalties for his crimes and if he’s not going to be deported, then he doesn’t need to be given the special treatment. There are a few reasons why he may be permited to stay in the United States….$$$$….

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Loved, Separated, and Reunited

Love triangles can always be complicating and frustrating to the audience. There’s always going to be people that want a certain couple or they want the other guy to get the girl, vice versa. Throught out many movies there has been that little storyline where there’s a man and a woman and they fall in love and through a series of events are somehow separated and the woman ends up marrying someone else and a few years go by and the two ex-lovers somehow reunite and the flame is sparked up again. In the book The Count of Monte Cristo, Edmond Dantes was to marry a woman named Mercedes and unforseen tragedies occurred and he was sent to prison and she eventually married a different man and had a child with him. When Dantes escaped from prison he eventually after YEARS makes his way back to Mercedes to find out she has married his enemy, yet they never lost their feelings for each other. This storyline reminded of many movies that I’ve watched and loved. Here are a few of them.



The Notebook:

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Disabled and Dedicated

In the book The Count of Monte Cristo, there is a character is who is grandfather and he is completely paralyzed and communicates through blinking. A “yes” is one blink and a “no” is two blinks. When I read about this, it made me think of people who REALLY do live like this. I couldn’t imagine living with this type of disability, I’m sure it’s tough at first and it’s something that can be very challenging. However, there are many people who have overcome their disabilities/paralysis. It just shows that pretty much anything IS possible. It’s very uplifting to read about these people and see what they have accomplished.
Marla Runyan

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