Music = Personality

Have you ever stereo-typed someone because of the type of music they listen to? Just because that genre has been associated with certain types of people? Well, for example, the idea that people who like heavy metal are very aggressive had to come from some where right? When in reality, a super caring person could be into heavy metal too. I don’t believe that ALL stereo types are true, so I just decided to pull a bunch of information from different websites and summarize what I’ve read. Basically, what a lot of research has proven is that the type of music you listen to can determine your personality. Of course, the statistics are not 100% accurate. This information does not apply to everyone, only the people who were studied. However, the results can give a pretty good idea on how music relates to personality. So, first of all, what I did was take a test on this website,  , I answered a few questions and I got results saying that I am energetic and upbeat and this was because of the genres I preferred the most and most of the characteristics they listed definitely described me. So, take the test and see what your results are. Here are the general characteristics of people who like:

  • Pop – extroverted, less creative, have high self-esteem, hard-working, not at ease, and prefer happy music
  • Rap/Hip-Hop– outgoing, have high self-esteem, and relaxed
  • Country– hardworking, outgoing, emotionally stable, and conventional
  • Rock/Heavy Metal– low self-esteem, introverted, not outgoing  and creative
  • Classical– introverted, at ease with the world, and good self-esteem
  • Indie– creative, introverted, intellectual, and less hard-working
  • Dance– outgoing and assertive
  • Jazz, Blues, & Soul– extroverted, high self-esteem, intelligent, and creative
  • Opera– creative, gentle, and high self-esteem
  • Reggae– high self-esteem, not hard working, gentle, at ease, and creative


Don’t worry if none of those apply to you though. It just shows what the majority of those listeners have for their personality. I’m positive a person who is into Dance music could be very introverted and lazy. Also, one thing I think is true is that the type of music you listen to can possibly impact the way you think and your moral values. If you’re really into this musician and they’re constantly singing about drinking or doing drugs, they’re kind of glorifying it to their listeners and those listeners who look up to that musician will think it’s cool and maybe decide “Hey, they do it and it looks cool, I want to try”. Yeah, that’s just something to think about and maybe that can be my next post. Thanks for reading.


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