Giving to and Helping Others


Everyone at one point in their life will need help, whether it be a lot or just a little. Some people need help more often than others but usually there is always at least one person there to help those in need. Helping others is a very good thing. First of all, if you were ever having trouble with something, wouldn’t you want someone to give you an extra hand and overcome the problem? It’s really easy to be the person receiving the help but it becomes more challenging when you want to return the favor and extend your kindness to a person. Lately in class we’ve been talking a lot about helping other people and watching video on what people have done to improve the way people live and even little things like giving someone a gift. In my opinion, it feels good to know you made someone’s day or just took their mind off of the current issues they’re having. In order to do this, it doesn’t have to be anything big. It could be something as simple as buying someone a coffee from Starbucks or helping them study for a big test. It’s easy to get caught
up on focusing on yourself and your own problems but other people have things going on too and just doing something to make their day better, might make your day a little better too.


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