Reading… You can make it fun or you can make it boring. Even if you don’t like reading, there is always, at least, one book that you can find that you’ll enjoy. There’s so many different genres, all the way from biographies to fantasy. You just have to find the type of book that you’ll actually get into. Being able to read is very important. Even if you want to order something from a restaurant, you have to know how to read, unless you just point at pictures of the food… There are a lot of benefits from reading. You increase your vocabulary, you don’t stumble as much when you read out loud, and it’s easier for you to spell words you don’t know, if you have a higher reading level. Recently, my teacher discussed to my class that some writing prompts may require you to write a couple pages, based on a book that you have read in the past. In order to get a good grade, the essay readers want a high level book that is not fantasy or fiction. This is just another reason to read. You’ll have better literacy skills and be able to read books outside of your comfort zone, giving you more knowledge and preparing you for things such as writing prompts. Plus, you have more conversation starters. If there’s really NOTHING else to talk about, then bring up that book you’ve been reading. It’ll make you seem pretty smart.


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