Children’s Hospital


My friend I have an idea to write letters and decorate them. In these letters we’re going to write motivational words and caring quotes. We’re then going to take these letters to children at a hospital and hopefully put a smile on their face. I’m really excited to do this, because I know that I’m doing something that will have a positive impact. In my opinion, giving children extra support through hard times is a necessity because an adult has gone through things in their past that have prepared them for life, basically. A child hasn’t had those same experiences and might not have the mental capability to understand why certain things are happening to them. I think volunteering to help out children with illnesses is really important because they feel like they’re not alone and to make them laugh or smile would really brighten their day. Just promoting positive thoughts to them will make them feel better about themselves. I hope that who ever reads this post will consider volunteering at least once, just to get the feeling of what it’s like to make a child happy.



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