A Tale of Two Cities & Edward Scissorhands

tale of two citiesedward

In the book A Tale of Two Cities there is a character named Dr. Manette who has been in a prison for 18 years and he has became so secluded to the world that he barely remembers anything of his past life. He doesn’t talk a lot and when he is asked a question, he takes a while to respond and he refers to himself as “One Hundred and Five, North Tower”, which is the prison he is being held captive at. After eighteen years he is being released and taken away from the prison by a man named Lorry and Miss Manette, Manette’s daughter. While reading this, I was reminded of a character named Edward from the movie Edward Scissorhands. Like Manette, Edward led a nice life before both of them ended up in solitude. Edward was created by a man, who was an inventor. The inventor was pretty much a father to him and Edward was happy and living his life when the inventor died and sadly the inventor never finished “making” Edward and he was left to live by himself with scissors as hands. This part of the movie is like Manette’s life in that he was living a happy life with his wife and then he is taken to prison and stays there for years, with nothing left but to make shoes. So, both were deprived of their loved one and ended up living alone. Both had one thing that represented them, the scissors for Edward and the shoes for Manette. Then one day, after years of loneliness, a lady selling Avon decides to walk up to Edwards house, which no one was brave enough to go up to. She sees him and first she is terrified of him and his hands. Eventually, she warms up to him and feels bad for him, so she takes Edward to live with her. Here, we can relate this part to Chapter 6 of Recalled to Life, in that both men are frightening at first but eventually prove to be harmless. They both are taken out of their socially remote life and in a way Edward and Manette are both “recalled to life.”


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