In class we discussed the many different types of comedy. I want to go over those because it’s pretty interesting. I had never really thought that much into what humor was. I just knew that if something was funny, I laughed. Either because it was weird, someone got hurt, or it was witty.

Verbal Irony

All of those clips were perfect example of verbal irony. Basically you say something like “Hey you look AMAZING today!” with a smirk, even though they are having a bad hair day and they’re dressed in sweats and a stained T-shirt.

Dramatic Irony

Dramatic Irony is when the audience knows something that the character doesn’t. Little does Clark Kent know that his costume will be a superhero symbol and he will be adored by young children everywhere. I just love the music in the beginning of the video. So cheesy yet funny!

Situational Irony

This was the best example I could find of situational irony. It’s not that funny but it gets to the point that situational irony is when something is expected to happen but something completely different occurs.

There are many different types of humor but I think that these are the top three and they are commonly seen in movies. From PG to R.

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