Studying for Finals


After three months of school and having many tests, out of all of those that you’ve passed or failed, when finals come, these are the ones that make students the most worried. Especially the accumulative tests…Those are the worst. Not only do you have to remember what you’ve just been learning but you have to study up on things you learned in the beginning of the school year. It can be nerve wracking. The best way to conquer the finals is to… STUDY! That’s the only way things will go in your favor. Here are some studying tips. Put them to good use.

So, first off you study guides really help. If your teacher provides one then take the time and do it. You’ll be glad you did because you get an idea of what your teacher will be testing you one. It’s a big help. Secondly, studying with people in your class can help. If you’re just going to good off then… no. If you actually plan on studying then it can be helpful. You can ask each other questions and basically have a pre-quiz. Also, flash cards are good too. You can write down all the things you don’t know and study them. You have the things you are unfamiliar with on little cards and you can just flip through them. Reading the textbook for the class is really important. You get more information than your notes from the textbook. You basically get a whole review of the chapter and/or lesson.


If it feels like you study hard and then when it comes to the test, you just forget everything, then maybe you blank out because you’re so stressed out and have so much anxiety. One thing to do is look up ways to calm yourself down. Breathe or take a break. Find an anchor because you didn’t do all of that studying for nothing.


Hopefully, finals go well. Study hard and focus on what you need to accomplish. When you’ve studied your heart out then hopefully you can be able to say “Final Exams, Yes!” That should be goal. Feel good and confident about yourself and finals.

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