Play it safe or keep it real?

I originally created this blog because I basically had to. Blogging wasn’t my thing and I had never thought of taking the time to make one but now that I have one, it’s actually growing on me. I’ve been making my blogs kind of basic, I guess you could say and most of them don’t really show ME, what I’m into, and what I enjoy. I was trying to play things safe because I wasn’t sure if people would be into what I have to say but now I realize that’s not getting me too many followers. Now I’m just going to say what I think and be real instead of creating generic posts. Things are going to be more interesting. shy

I’m not “little miss shy” at all. I’ve been shy with my blog, honestly. I’m really talkative and supposedly really loud and I should project that into what I write and my content. I’m more like…


I also want to post more funny stuff like…


I love Eminem, he’s a talented rapper, one of the best. I thought this picture was really funny, bagging on Lady Gaga kind of but still.

All in all, I’m deciding to let go and get comfortable with blogging. I should share my opinion with others and even Eminem says in his song Beautiful “Be proud of who you are”. So, I’m going to do just that.

3 thoughts on “Play it safe or keep it real?

  1. #Love this post.. lol

    Don’t pressure yourself too much into doing stuff you would not do ordinarily when considering your posts. There are people out there who will have an interest in the stuff you are into, and your opinions even if they do not agree with them.

    Then like the world at large, there are also those who are argumentative, trolls and just out to make people feel bad!

    I personally just love to talk to people about their lives and here about their experiences and how they made it to the place they are… then once we have got through all of that I could listen for hours about where people want to be!

    I found you because I tag surfed positive affirmations and there was a post 🙂 So I followed – if you really want to engage a larger audience, do the same thing – tag surf and see if you can find some posts to comment on – before you know it, you will have created your own unique community who support and challenge you 🙂


    • Wow thank you 🙂 that means a lot! You seem like a genuinely interested person aha I think that’s a really admirable trait to be a listener and to actually enjoy being engaged into someone elses life story. Yeah I think Ima take your advice on those tags, seems like a good idea… seriously. Thanks for the motivation girl! haha

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