Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day…. *Sighs* The day that you’re secret admirer, boyfriend/girlfriend, or significant other is supposed to get you a gift and surprise you. If you don’t have a valentine then February 14th can just be a day where you feel like staying home and watching re-runs of The Walking Dead and buying yourself candy. I’m sorry but no… Even if you’re “alone” on Valentine’s Day, that doesn’t mean you don’t have friends, am I right? Go out! Have fun! Have you and your friends buy each other gifts. Valentine’s day is about love, don’t you love your friends and family? Alone forever is not an option. Someone will come along, trust me. For now just have fun. Make plans like going to Disneyland, the movies(there’s that new movie out with that hot actor/actress) , a restaurant, or just a movie night at home. Spoil yourself. Go buy a new outfit, new accessories, a new phone case, or some shoes. Let Valentine’s Day be something you enjoy, not something that makes you feel unwanted.




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