The Park

20100606-DSC_0097Recently, (literally yesterday) I went to the park and had forgottenhow nice it was to actually get out of the house or just get away from the city vibe. I went with some cousins and we had a barbecue and it was a pretty good day. I hadn’t done something like that in a while and I didn’t realize how much I missed it. I missed getting some exercise on the bike too. I felt all good after riding like “Yeah I bet I burned off those five hotdogs I ate!” When I was younger, my sister and I would go into the back yard and be boys. We would fist fight, play in the dirt, use rakes and sticks to have fake sword fights, which ended with one of us crying usually, and there was a tree that we could always climb. I guess just getting outside and spending some time with ┬ámy family brings back feelings from those old days. Sometimes it’s okay to get dirty, I’m kind of a germaphobe and I hate getting dirt on my hands or using the bathrooms at the park, which are DISGUSTING, but it’s cool to play some football or soccer and fall a couple times. It’s not like I’m going hiking or to this super amazing forrest, but it’s still something, it’s better than sitting and watching tv. I just feel people DO need to get out more, it’s not healthy to stay indoors. THE PARK….GO!



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