Anger Towards Your Family

I’m sure a lot of people get frustrated with their family or even get into fights and arguements. To me… it’s normal. Not to say it’s okay though. When you’re born, you’re born into a family or adopted into one. You don’t have a say who your family members are going to be or how they’re going to treat you as a child. You could get the nicest aunt in the world or the meanest. It’s if you let their behavior affect you or not and whether you choose to do something about it or leave it be.

You can get as angry as you want and do something you’ll regret

Photo Jan 9, 2014, 3-13 PM

or you can take a second, chill out, and decide how you’re going to ignore it, change the things that make you angry, or confront your family member.


A few things that may help are going to family therapy, walking away from the situation, saying VERY politely that they offended you or that you don’t appreciate the way they’re acting, literally I will kill people with kindess and it makes my sister feel so guilty and she apologizes. So that’s just one way I handle things and ignoring really does it. But all in all it’s very important to stay on good terms with your family or close friends because the reason they’re in your life is to be involved in your life, they help you and comfort you when you’re going through a rough time and without them, you have no emotional support.


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