Loved, Separated, and Reunited

Love triangles can always be complicating and frustrating to the audience. There’s always going to be people that want a certain couple or they want the other guy to get the girl, vice versa. Throught out many movies there has been that little storyline where there’s a man and a woman and they fall in love and through a series of events are somehow separated and the woman ends up marrying someone else and a few years go by and the two ex-lovers somehow reunite and the flame is sparked up again. In the book The Count of Monte Cristo, Edmond Dantes was to marry a woman named Mercedes and unforseen tragedies occurred and he was sent to prison and she eventually married a different man and had a child with him. When Dantes escaped from prison he eventually after YEARS makes his way back to Mercedes to find out she has married his enemy, yet they never lost their feelings for each other. This storyline reminded of many movies that I’ve watched and loved. Here are a few of them.



The Notebook:

Arguably one of the biggest chick flicks ever. I don’t agree though haha. I personally love this movie and so do girls all over the world 😛 Guys should be taking notes. Ryan Gosling… the example of a true gentleman in this movie but enough about the most attractive man alive…. In the movie these two fall in love and are separated because Allie’s(the girl in the red) parents don’t approve of Noah because he is poor. Allie waits for Noah to write to her, but her mom had kept the letters he had wrote a secret from her and she decided to move on and she met a man. Then she sees his picture in a newspaper and decides to go visit him and see how he is doing and when she goes, he tells her he had wrote to her every day of the year. They automatically fall back in love and she ends up leaving her fiance for Noah.



In this movie there are two children in an orphanage together and they become best freinds. They pretend to get married and then Kate (the woman) gets adopted and they are separted until they are adults. One day Kate comes back to the town where her orphanage is because she wants to buy it and she sees Norbit there. However, she is engaged but they prove to be the best of friends still and throughout a series of conflicts they end up back together. This is a straight up comedy compared to the more serious Notebook.



Cast Away:

Tom Hanks is such a great actor and this is one of his best movies other than Forrest Gump. In the beginning of this movie he and his girlfriend, Kelly, were in a serious relationship and he is constantly working so they never got married. On one of his FedEX business trips he travels on a plane an the plan crashes into the ocean. He is the only one to survive and he is stuck on an uninhabited island for three years. When he finally gets all of his raft materials to escape he is spotted by a boat and saved. He then goes back to the city and reunites with Kelly, whose picture he had throughout his whole three years on the island and he would look at before he went to sleep. The down side is that she got married while he was gone and they never got back together.



Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins:

I’ve always liked this movie with Martin Lawrence. So, Roscoe and his cousin Clyde liked the same girl named Lucinda when they were kids and they decided to compete in an obstacle course/race and who ever won would be able to ask to her to a dance. Well Roscoe won and Clyde still asked her and ever since then Lucinda was with Clyde. Roscoe moved away and started his life as a Talk show sensation and with his TV star girlfriend. He travels back to the south for his parent’s 50th anniversary and his cousin Clyde shows up with his wife….who is Lucinda! Throughout the trip, Roscoe and Lucinda start to fall in love and Roscoe realizes more and more that his girlfriend is rude and stuck up. In the end he dumps his girlfriend and heads back to his parent’s house and he and Lucinda live “happily ever after.”


Dear John: 

I really liked this movie with Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried. John(Channing) is a soldier and while he is on vacation in his home-town, he meets a girl named Savannah (Seyfried). They fall in love and he re-enlists into the army. They communicate through letters and after two years she writes him saying that she is going to get married. He is devastated and he burns all of her letters. He is wounded in battle and returns home. His father dies and he goes to see Savannah, whose husband is dying from Lymphoma. John sells his coin collection and donates the money anonymously to her husband so he can stay alive a few months longer to say good-bye to his son. He dies and the movie fast forwards and we now see John out of the army and passing by a coffee shop. Savannah is inside. The last scene is of them hugging.


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