Justin Bieber Deportation

So, there has been a lot of talk about Justin Bieber….Almost everywhere! It’s getting a little annoying. Deport him already haha. In my opinion, it’s not justly that he stays in the U.S. while 10 percent of people deported ARE United States citizens. He is in fact a U.S. citizen but has faced very minor penalties for his crimes and if he’s not going to be deported, then he doesn’t need to be given the special treatment. There are a few reasons why he may be permited to stay in the United States….$$$$….

I think it’s strange that Obama doesn’t want to comment on the subject. I agree that his crimes aren’t crazy horrible but they do have an impact on our society in a way. There are girls and young children who look up to him and adolescents usually look to famous people as their inspirators. For those that were huge fans during his “Baby” days they have grown with him and if they are still fans they might be supporting his actions. Evenually, they might think it’s okay to do the things he is doing or it’s going to be glorified in some manner.

I kind of agree with this picture. I do believe that he receives special treatment just for being a famous singer. If he were a normal citizen charged with the same crimes, he would have had more of a sever consequence. He isn’t the only specially treated star though. This is just a recurring problem. Who knows if it will ever be fixed. Stars are humans too, they are normal people, they make the same mistakes as the average person, and they should be treated like the average person.




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