Amy Poehler

My favorite genre of movies are comedies. If I had to have a good top five of comedians that I love. They would be Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler, Adam Sandler, Steve Carell, and the Wayans brothers. For now, I want to talk about Amy. She is so funny and I love her in any show or movie she performs in. She is a really talented actress in my opinion. She is at her best in Saturday Night Live. Here are a few video clips and pictures.


One of the best things about her is that she can adapt to so many roles but I love how she plays “dumb” in a lot of them. Also, a few more movies that she acted pretty well in are:
Baby Mama(with Tina Fey)

Blades Of Glory

Parks and Recreation

I hope she continues to stay up there with her comedy because she’s really comedic and hopefully she will star in some more movies.



Everyone loves that wise old man or woman that is so smart and they end up teaching this young kid, basically their protegy, everything they know, creating a bond and then they either die and it’s this huge loss in the movie or they live and share in the happiness of their pupil. There are countless movies that have this theme in them but I’m just going to talk about a few of them that are in some of the most famous and some of my favorite movies.

  1. Pat-Morita_(Karate_Kid)

Mr. Miyagi! from the move Karate Kid How can he not be considered one of the greatest mentors with the “wax on, wax off” technique.He taught little Joe Esposito karate techniques and shared in the happiness of him winning the tournament and even moving on to a Karate Kid part 2 which wasn’t as good.


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