Note Cards for Kids

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I recently went on my second trip to an elementary school and I handed out cards to students in grades second and third. They really enjoyed receiving them and it made me feel good to give them something that made the school day and little more fun or give them some sort of excitement. I wrote all kinds of inspirational things in them. I took a lot of Dr.Seuss quotes because they rhyme and most of the kids are familiar with them. At first, I thought I wasn’t going to be able to pull this off. I didn’t even know where to start. I was thinking “Okay I have to make more than 150 cards. What do I write? What do I draw? When am I going to be available?” Honestly, the best way to tackle it was to take it each step at a time. First, I made the cards. I looked up “inspirational quotes for kids” and went from there. Then I called the principal of the school and asked if it was okay if I came and handed them out. This was a test run so I only made thirty and it went great. The kids enjoyed it. Next, I had a bigger project. I had to  make 180. This wasn’t going to be HARD, just time consuming. My partner and I lost communication so I was going to make them by myself, which was fine because I have a sister who was willing to help me thankfully. So, finally I finish all of them and go for a second time to hand them out and it was a success. I didn’t run into any major problems throughout this experience, except not being able to take pictures of the student’s faces. It was just scheduling my time that was the biggest worry. I really enjoyed it and I wouldn’t mind continuing this whole event, when I have some free time. It’s something I can definitely reflect on because this is pretty much my first time of “community service” if you will.