Disabled and Dedicated

In the book The Count of Monte Cristo, there is a character is who is grandfather and he is completely paralyzed and communicates through blinking. A “yes” is one blink and a “no” is two blinks. When I read about this, it made me think of people who REALLY do live like this. I couldn’t imagine living with this type of disability, I’m sure it’s tough at first and it’s something that can be very challenging. However, there are many people who have overcome their disabilities/paralysis. It just shows that pretty much anything IS possible. It’s very uplifting to read about these people and see what they have accomplished.
Marla Runyan

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In class we discussed the many different types of comedy. I want to go over those because it’s pretty interesting. I had never really thought that much into what humor was. I just knew that if something was funny, I laughed. Either because it was weird, someone got hurt, or it was witty.

Verbal Irony

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